Tarik Cohen: Overlooked and underrated

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Overlooked and underrated, the 5'6 NC A&T phenom back has broken ankles, turned heads, hurt feelings, given defensive coordinators headaches and filled stadium seats. These symptoms are all due to what people call the "Tarik Cohen Show". The Bunn, NC native has broken numerous records and has now earned the nickname "5 Stacks" for rushing over 5000 yards now in his collegiate career, only midway through his senior season. Even with all of these feats, Cohen still manages to remain hungry and humble. Cohen has performed on national television, and against nationally-known D1 schools, but one of the most prestigious platforms will be today at what is known as the Greatest Homecoming on Earth (GHOE). North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University's homecoming game brings in alumni, celebrities and fans from all over to celebrate, party and watch their Aggies take the field. With the hype Cohen has built, this year's festivities will be one to remember. Tons of admirers will be at the game to see what Cohen has in store. He has had NFL scouts to visit him this season too, so the pressure is on. Cohen says the hatred of pressure and the fear of letting his team down is what makes him play harder. With his senior year coming to an end, the next stage for Cohen is the NFL. I'm no expert but I'm laying my prediction out there: Tarik Cohen's number will be called next year. I can easily see him taking on the next level and garnering much more attention from a broader collection of fans. I recently had the honor to talk to Cohen about his life on and off field. Check out the Q & A session below:



Do you read blogs and reviews about yourself? If so how does that affect you if any at all? 

I try to stay away from reading blogs . I don't want to get big headed."

Who keeps you going? What motivates you weekly?

My mom and my brothers keep me going.

So you went viral and even made ESPN with your backflip catch, THEN you had Lil Wayne tweet about it, what went through your mind when you saw that?

"Wow, Lil Wayne, I hope he followed me" lmao

Most memorable moment of your career?

I would say the Celebration bowl victory and rushing for 295 yards. 


How do you feel when you put a highlight move on a defender? Is it like "I know this gonna make SC top 10" or is it like a tunnel vision until you cross the pie line?

I just make sure I don't get caught by anybody lol and then after the okay I know if it's a highlight or not.

Pregame playlist?

All lil boosie , lud foe . And anything I can dance to.

Pregame ritual?

Watch my high school highlight tape to remind myself of what I'm capable of.

Most trusted workout routine?

Power cleans, it's a football lift and I feel like it encompasses a lot of muscles.

What would you say is your favorite hobby off-season? 


Adidas, Nike, under armour, Jordan?

Jordan, cause I wish I was a fye basketball player. Lol

Fav running back ever?

Hands down, Reggie Bush. 

Last but not least, who is Tarik Cohen's celebrity crush? Haha

Parker McKenna😍

(Yes, this is "little Katie" from my wife and kids. Lol) 



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