Meet Steelojeem: The AJ1 connoisseur

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To kick off our blog we're starting with some sneaker talk; a trend that most people can relate and one that won't die out. I had a chance to catch up with a good friend and Greensboro native by the name of Najm Loyd, or as most people know him "Steelojeem," to discuss sneakers and fashion. 22-year old Steelo is already painting the streets of Philly with his raw streetwear style while interning for Urban Outfitters HQ. Steelo is fairly popular in his hometown and in the fashion world for his photography skill set and his crazy collection of Air Jordan 1s. So much so, he has been featured on highly respected social media pages and websites of Highsnobiety and Finishline, just to name a few. If you are heavy into fashion, sneakers, and/or photography Steelojeem is a definitely someone you want to FOLLOW to bless your feed.


Do you consider yourself a sneaker head?

"Nah, not at all, I just know I like sneakers. I feel like sneakerheads really get deep into it and get every hyped up release sneaker there is. I’d call myself more of a collector, though. I loved Jordan 1’s and I’m starting to get more into runners now."

How long have you been collecting Jordan’s?

"Jordan's I would say 3 years maybe. 2013 is the year I really got into Jordan 1’s. It’s sad to say but I really can’t even remember my first pair smh. I know the Chicago 1’s that dropped in 2013 [are] one of my first few pairs though and I think the last pair of 1’s I picked up were from a 2008 DMP pack. The black and white jawns with the Jumpman on the back. Crazy thing is, I sort of go through phases with my collection habits. It started off with Vans in high school, then I wore a bunch of Chuck Taylor's my first year in college, then went heavily in Nike SB’s, and now Jordan 1’s."

How many pair of Jordan 1s do you own?

"Aw man, I remember counting them up before I left to Philly, but definitely has to be in between 20 to 25 though, easily. It’s getting up there. I have maybe 10 on my hit list that I really want to get, [but I'm] gonna have to save up for them though."

Whats your most valued sneaker outside of Jordan 1s?

"I don’t really have one honestly. Other kicks outside of my 1’s are random. A few Vans, leftover SB’s and running sneakers here and there. Even with my Jordan 1’s though, I wouldn’t even say they're super rare. I guess the most “hyped” 1’s I do have are the Shadows, [Shattered] Backboards, and Breds."


A lot of sneaker-heads won't take their shoes out of the box. Do you have any that won't touch the ground?

"Hell nah, all of my kicks touch the ground; every single pair. My shoes are made to be worn. I remember back in the day when I used to be hella careful with my shoes and made sure not to crease them or get them scuffed up. I quit that habit once I started to get more pairs though. I wear all of my Jordan 1’s freely and don’t really care if they're scuffed up or dirty. Beaters look better anyway and if push comes to shove, I’ll just Jason Markk them. And even when I do get my prized possessions like the Fragments or black and gold 1’s, they will be in heavy rotation!"


Top 3 favorite brands?

"I feel like I get asked this question a lot and I can never remember what they are. I used to be real heavy into Mishka, 10 Deep, and The Hundreds back in the day. I still fuck with some 10 Deep though. My closet is random though; pieces from Publish, Supreme, Zanerobe, Zara, Urban Outfitters, HM, and older graphic tees. I like iloveugly tho, preme and some others. I’m working on condensing my wardrobe and really focusing on quality pieces that I can wear over and over."

Who influences your style?

"Great question, it’s really social media. I follow hella creatives on Instagram and follow the major blogs. I’m heavy into sneakers and streetwear so if I see anyone rocking something I like, I cop it. It’s a conglomerate of different people from different backgrounds who I follow that have a great sense of style. I like fashion influencers of course like Pharrell, Kanye, Rocky, Travis and many more who I think lead the culture. Although I wouldn’t style an outfit based on every single piece they could be wearing like most people do, I like to pick and choose certain pieces from each that I really mess with. I also grab influence from whatever my friends and peers are wearing too."

Any advice to the readers on how to make sure they don't miss out on exclusive drops? (I.e.: camp out, use bots online, pay resale price etc)

"I'd say camp out or just be lucky enough to snag a pair online. I never camped out but I did get in line super early for the black toe’s when they dropped. I got a few lucky drops online right when they dropped too. But I would say if you don’t want to pay resell price I would research every single retail and direct store that are carrying the shoe that you want, find out the release time, have multiple tabs open online and maybe even two laptops with you to make sure you get it as soon as it drops."

 What are some of your favorite streetwear shops?

"UBIQ in Philly, I fuck with Social Status here and there for kicks atleast. I feel like KithNYC is the spot tho. Still have yet visit." 


Okay 3 more questions for our "Off the Subject" series i guess you could call it, lol. Who are your top 3 music artist?

"Travis Scott, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Drake, Kid Cudi, Chance, and the whole Good Music Family. I know that wasn't 3 but i had to let it be known lol."


2020, are you voting for Kanye West as the US President?

"Hell Yes!"


Who do you have winning the NBA Championship next year??

"I have no clue, I wish i kept up with sports more."


Daily essentials list?

"iPhone, old ass wallet from hot topic, Jaybird earphones, Macbook, Jordan 1s, some type of hat and my camera."




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