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EjonesZ, or some people may know him as "Tiger", is one of Ambitious Rebirth's top brand ambassadors and one of our fav underground artist. Even standing at 6'3 he is one of raps hidden gems. The 25 year old St. Louis native has been all over the world and every where he goes he leaves his mark with his lyrics, from Hawaii to LA, to Denver and even overseas. One thing that's special about Tiger is his commitment to the United States military. He balances taking care of soldiers, his professional career and his love for music; We would like to send a special salute to him for that. When he's not in uniform you can catch him at the studio or on the court in today's most popular brands, rare sneakers, and of course some Ambitious Rebirth gear. I hope you all enjoy the interview and be sure to follow him on Instagram & Twitter and definitely be sure to check out some of his music.

Spiff: How long have you been doing music?
Tiger: I just thought about this the other day! I've been doing music for about 8 years total, but it doesn't feel like it at all.

S: What made you start rhyming?
T: So this guy in high school named "Zae" my sophomore year made a diss song about me, Just because! So in retaliation I did a diss song on that lil Wayne beat "Fuck you" & EVERYBODY was on it like CRAZY! So I figure shit, if I get this much love off of a diss song, maybe I should start rapping for real.

S: You seem to have a good number of mustard beats in your book. You got the plug?
T: Haha, I talked to Mustard through email a LONG ass time ago, cool dude. About 3 weeks after I sent the email with my latest song and a request for beats, he finally replied. He basically apologized for the delay and sent me a couple to play around with.

S: What is your favorite project you worked on to this day?
T: One of my favorite projects? Aaaaahhhh that's a tough one. I'd have to say "Porno". I remember being tired as hell & thinking "I need to make a laid back song". Boom! I made it, I sound super laid back which is different from my other songs.

S: What artist influence your style?
T: Man, old lil Wayne for sure, I remember when Wayne used to drop mixtapes and the world would go bananas. I used to think man, how is this dude that good.

S: Top 5 rappers, EVER, Go.
T: 5. Cole | 4. Kendrick | 3. OLD Wayne | 2. Andre 3000 | 1. EMINEM

S: Do you believe fashion is influenced by music?
T: Of course it is. If you look back in the early 2000s, the way they made music coincided with the way they dressed. Think about it, if anybody with the fashion from today were to be in a music video back then, they wouldn't fit in. & vice versa

S: Top 5 brands, Go.
T: 5.nike 4.adidias 3.Jordan 2.Givenchy 1.Bape

S: Do you consider yourself a sneakerhead?
T: Of course I do, anybody with over a certain amount of sneakers should automatically be considered one.

S: How many pair of shoes do you own?
T: 173 & counting

S: Favorite pair?
T: Easily the Lightning 4s!

S: Collab with anyone in the world, famous or not. Who would it be?
T: I'd collab with Wayne.

S: What projects do you have going on right now?
T: My first mixtape, it's so versatile that I believe people with be able to play EVERY song on it.

S: How do you balance music and military?
T: The Military is my career, but music was there before the military and I will always have love for it. It's simple I do what I have to do to succeed in my career field, & I dedicate my free time to music.

S: How can someone get in contact with you for some work?
T: My email "EJoneszInquiry@icloud.com"
Or my Twitter & IG "@EJoneszOfficial"

S: Last question and slightly Off subject, I know you're a GSW fan so you feel about kd going to the Warriors?
T: "LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO", no but in a weird way, I actually saw it coming. I feel like it's going to be an amazing powerhouse. People give KD so much BS about moving to the Warriors but think about this. KD played with OKC for numerous years now, gave it his all. He's not getting any younger and wants to win, so Golden state is the perfect place to get that Title.


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  • Keep up with all the ambition. You’ll be on top before you know it. Your songs are fire!!!!! Looking forward to hearing more!

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