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So to start off we have to clear this up, our last interview we introduced you as EJonesz.. You want to give the world your official stage name?

Tiger Jonesz, I used to be "Ejonesz", changed it up because people were getting confused with saying my name. Yeah, I've been called tiger for so long I sat down one day and was like, "bet this is the name people know, this is the name I'm staying with" 

Is there a story behind your name? Why Jonesz with a Z?

Okay so the name "Tiger" comes from when I was younger EVERYBODY would say that I looked like tiger from the movie Major Payne, then I just through my last name on the end and boom. The Z started back in high school, I was making usernames and everything with Jones was taken, so I figured I'd put a Z at the end and it would be cool, people still say "Jones-Z" & its mad annoying, it's like the Z is silent you feel me?

What city do you represent?

I'm from the west side of St.Louis, home of Imo's pizza, & Red Hot Riplets. Where people say "Hurr, & "Thurr". Most people recognize that from Nelly, but errbody talk like that. lol

You're from St. Louis, what's your favorite Nelly or St Lunatics track?

I'd have to say "Air Force ones", when that song came out it sent a WAVE everywhere, its like it really made forces what they are ya know, classic.

Where do you see yourself 3 years from now? 

Man to be honest I see my self blown up, like big money tiger, I'm probably gonna stay in Hawaii, be one of the first rap artist to actually "come out of Hawaii" because besides the amazing island music & Bruno mars, nothing has really came out of here.

Do you have any upcoming projects? 

Yeah, I have a project titled "Stripes" to be released this fall. I'll have a couple familiar artist on it, as well as a couple of upcoming artist. Names really don't matter to me, if your music is good, I'll fuck with you and collab.

How would you describe it to the readers? 

Okay so, this project is going to be my "Break out project". Meaning my style of music is going to switch, on some tracks you won't even know it's me. I'm showing how versatile I can be. Trust me, y'all will love it.

If you could have any current artist feature on a track who would it be? 

Uhmmmm, I would have to say Smino, I've watched buddy come out of St. Louis and GRIND. His style is bananas, and he's just a legit smart dude. I remember him doing the "show me cypher 2" and I was like damn I gotta get on the next one. I did the next cypher (Show me Cypher 3), but I couldn't compare to the one the homie did, shout out to Smino though.

How much influence do you have on the sound of your music? Like are you on the boards with your engineer or do you trust what you get make hits?  

I can honestly make a song out of anything I'm sent, I usually pick and choose though, like I have contacts with Mustard, Metro Boomin, Tm88 of 808 mafia and more, but I like making music with newer producers to get them exposure you know?

Would you rather rap on Zay track than a Dre track? Lol

Uhhmm to be honest I would say a zay track, the reason behind that is because zay is like the newer wave you feel me, I would love to have Dre produce something for me when I'm establish and making commercial music but for RIGHT NOW, I'd say zay

Who is your favorite producer right now?  

It's definitely a tie between Metro Boomin & Monte booker. If you don't who monte is, google him.

Could you see yourself as a writer in the industry or do you have to be the face behind the lyrics?

I thought about this about 2 years ago, I can write for literally anybody, But my manager told me before any of this started that I have the "face to make it". Most people you see now don't have that "look".

Who would you compare yourself to and why?

I would compare myself to the artist "que" I know he's not as big as he should've been been seeing him come up from nothing and dropping the "OG bobby Johnson" song and dropping mixtape a like he has been I feel like I can relate to his situation.

Where is Mrs. Jonesz?

She's probably somewhere in Texas dating a culture vulture that wears fake supreme and buys her whatever she wants, haha. She'll find her way to me soon.

Insta famous chick or somebody no one really knows?

Bro let me tell y'all something, my last couple of tings were IG famous and it ain't all what it's cracked up to be. You'll have a bad shorty with 20k+ followers that has NO JOB, and drives a old Pontiac that has a trunk that only opens from the inside, I'm over that. I mean if your on the come up that's fine, but don't flex like you got it baby I know,  If it's a shorty with less than 2k on social media and has her shit together, meaning she doesn't post a lot because she's behind the scenes grinding, I love that. I prefer her NOT to have social media though.

Celeb crush? 
Man, I would have to say Kylie, or India love, India loves head is small as shit but she a 10, easily.




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