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Yo, whats good bro? Its been a while since we've chopped it up. What’s new?
Currently I’ve been working with select artist through songwriting under Awful. Not necessarily writing for them though. Sometimes I’ll get them started or if they’re stuck I can get them out of that “slump”. If I have a song that I feel a certain artist would be perfect for, I’d send it to them. Wether male or female.
Whats the next project? Anything we can look forward to seeing in the near future?
My next project is with my brother “Ckeysz”
And will have production credits from wheezy, chasethemoney, hitmaka, and a couple more, I don’t want to spoil it.
So you're pretty forward with fashion trends, what do you think the next wave is gonna be?
I feel like the next fashion wave will be something simple, think about it. We went from baggy to simple [white tees and shorts} to extreme, to the yeezy era. That’s what I love about fashion. Is anyone ever “out of style”?. I’m a firm believer of history repeating itself, so I think we’ll see everything again over time.
Whats up with K-Swiss? I saw y'all were DM'ing back and forth.
So I can’t really put out what’s going on, but I will say that K-Swiss reached out to me after posting on my IG story telling them to sign me. Emails were exchanged and like 3 boxes were sent to me. Ive seen what they got in store for 2020, it’s simple, but cold.
Who would you say are some of your fashion influences?
My fashion influence believe it or not comes from my older brother mike. I swear I’m simple as hell. I remember growing up watching my brother hang up 30-40 white tees in his closet, he rarely would wear the same one twice. SIMPLICITY IS KEY. Ian Conner and Virgil are top influencers too. People ask me all the time about Fabolous, and A$AP Ferg, I honestly think both of them are culture vultures, and washed.
Where on earth can we find Tiger Jonesz now?
Colorful Colorado, I just moved here not too long ago. I love it. I can get away from everybody if need be. The studio selection is amazing. All of my homies are here, what more could you ask for.
Does that affect your work as an artist
So i noticed recently “writer” in your bio, was there a change of heart or are you just adding to your resume´?
Of course not, I still do my thing on the side, but the money and satisfaction I get from helping other artist is as good as me selling records or getting streams. When I first started I used to get upset when I didn’t “get credit” or see my name on the “written by” column. Then I realized that a check is the best kind of recognition.
I know your rotation is heavy but what would you say your favorite shoe is right now?
Imma say k Swiss for promotional purposes only, haha. Nah, I’m on the classic wave. G-fazos, shit like that. I also have been beefin’ up my cactus jack arsenal. I’m only missing the AF1’s and the 4’s.
For everyone not hip "G-Fazo's" is a nickname for Air Force 1s haha, but thats dope bro, what would you say is your favorite brand right now?
I’m gonna say Billionaire boys club, like I said man, history repeats itself. I used to wear this shit all the time, now it’s BACK in my closet. It’s just simple shit that I like.
So tell us about this track you dropped today.
It’s an exclusive track I made for y’all man. Y’all show me love with everything I do, so I gotta pay y’all my respect with some exclusive stuff, ya know.
What’s a studio session like for you? Is it a 1 take freestyle on some lil Wayne type shit, or are you taking your time to perfect your bars?
So some tracks are like that, I can go in and freestyle the entire song. Some are one take, others are punched in. If it’s a song that I have to send to someone of importance then I take my time perfecting it.
Does living in Colorado limit your career progression? A lot of people find it hard to “make it” unless they’re from NY, LA or ATL.
Nope, you can literally progress your career anywhere.
Word bro, well I appreciate you rocking with us on the regular. We'll have a care package coming your way soon. Stay up and everyone reading make sure y'all go check out his new single "Ambitious Rebirth" on all streaming platforms. 


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